Everyday Moments – Julie Pottorff Photography – Southern IL Family, Wedding photography

The other night I was outside playing with my oldest daughter, Rylie, and our dog, Sadie. Rylie is a HUGE fan of animals, particularly dogs and cows (we don’t have any of these!). Rylie will be 2 years old this August (already??), and she loves to help out. That evening, she dipped out food for Sadie, helped me pick lettuce from our garden and spent some time going down the slide. Once my daughter began playing with our family dog, I got my camera out. It had been a week or so since I had last taken any pictures of her, so I thought I would try to capture some cute moments.

This photograph is one of my new favorites. She leaned in to give Sadie a kiss, and as you can see, our dog was in the process of reciprocating. I snapped the picture at just the right moment. That isn’t always the case, so I truly treasure this photo 🙂

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