What to Wear? – Julie Pottorff Photography Family Photographer Southern Illinois

What to wear is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to portraiture. Of course, everyone wants to look and feel their best! 

There are a few guidelines that always work well. You can choose to match the season. During spring/summer, bright, bold colors look the best. Of course, in the fall/winter, dark, rich colors are optimal. You can also choose to wear colors that match your background. For instance, if you are having photos taken at the beach, you would choose soft, pastel colors. Finally, wear layered outfits or clothing with texture. This type of clothing makes your photos visually interesting and appealing. 

However, in saying all of that, you should wear something that you feel comfortable and makes you feel like a million bucks. Have an outfit that makes your blue eyes really pop? Wear it! Are the jeans with the sparkly, detailed pockets your favorite? Wear them! What about the dress that makes you feel like a supermodel? Wear it! The last thing you want is to be fidgeting with an uncomfortable outfit during your session. When you wear clothing that makes you feel like the most attractive person in the world, you exude confidence that will translate onto your photos. You hold your head up higher, smile bigger and your eyes light up brighter. Photographers want you to look and feel your best, because we want to present you with images that you can immediately fall in love with.
Still need help? No problem! When you schedule a session with me, we will go over all of the details, including what to wear. I will help guide you through the process.
Contact me at (618)662-2401 or juliepottorffphotography@gmail.com to schedule your session today 🙂

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