E Family | Fall Photography in Flora, IL

First of all, I am WAY behind on my blog. We are talking, I still need to post about sessions from August. August, people! My initial business goal was 1 session a month. Yeah, ONE. My average is TEN. Ten sessions + 40 hour work week at my day job + mother of 2 kids under the age of 2 + wife = 1 crazy person. I have phone calls and emails to return, thank you letters to send out, a house to clean, etc. If you haven’t heard from me in awhile, it’s because I’m working 18 hours a day. I’m so incredibly grateful for the huge success of my little ‘ole business! Not bad for just starting out a mere 5 months ago, eh?

Alright, enough about me 🙂 I’ve known this mom for years and years. In fact, we went to school together, and our daughters are in the same tumbling class. So, photographing them was so much fun! We danced, we sang and we all had a great time! After getting some photos at one of my favorite locations, we headed out to take advantage of the gorgeous fall leaves!

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