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It’s always nice to work with someone that you know and can relate to, even if you’ve never actually met them. I mean, think about how many people you feel like you know, but have never actually met? I feel like I know Blake Shelton. He’s a pretty funny guy, who you should definitely follow on Twitter! My husband and I watch The Voice, listen to his songs and feel like we could sit down, have a beer and a good time with him and Miranda. Do we know them? Nope (but, wouldn’t that be amazing??). We’ve never even seen them in real life. But, he puts himself out there in a way that allows us to feel like we know him and can relate to him. Another great example is Ellen Degeneres. I LOVE her show! I’ve watched it since the beginning, and I truly feel like we could be friends. That all being said, here’s a few little fun facts to help YOU get to know ME πŸ™‚

Fun Fact #1 – I’m terrified of ferris wheels. I hate them. I can’t stand the thought of being on one. I used to be fine with them, but I developed some sort of weird fear of them as a teenager. Now, I will ride the scariest, most dangerous rollercoaster or thrill ride I can, but you will NOT find me on a ferris wheel. Pretty backwards, eh?

Fun Fact #2 – I can say the alphabet backwards. FAST. I taught it to myself during long, boring car rides as a child. Back then, we weren’t spoiled with technology. We actually had to entertain ourselves. And, on that note, I would like to hug and kiss the person who came up with putting DVD players in the car. I took a recent trip to my parent’s house, and they were a life-saver!

Fun Fact #3 – I lived in a haunted house until the age of 5. Say what you want about haunted houses, ghosts and the afterlife, but that experience still causes me intense nightmares. We would hear slamming doors (they were locked shut), footsteps over the metal grate in our kitchen, voices (they called out my name at night), etc. Even right now as I’m typing this, I’m getting goosebumps, my heart is pounding and my eyes are watering. I’ve suffered from horrible nightmares my entire life due to this. Oh, I guess that’s not a very “fun” fact πŸ˜‰

Fun Fact #4 – I was obsessed with the movie “Grease” as a kid. I’m talking about watching it over and over several times a day, every day. Thankfully, there was another TV to watch in the house, because I know my addiction to it drove my family nuts!

Fun Fact #5 – I collect postcards from the places I travel to. I started collecting postcards, because I like having a souvenir from the places I visit. Since I began collecting at a very young age, my budget was quite small. Postcards are usually $0.25 – $1.00/each, so I could afford to get a few from each place. I have 2-3 boxes full of postcards!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’ll admit that I struggled a bit to come up with 5 different ones. I typically see myself as pretty bland. Maybe that’s why I try so hard to create rich, colorful images πŸ™‚

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to book a session/wedding with me, feel free to contact me at juliepottorffphotography@gmail.comΒ or give me a call at (618)662-2401. I look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚


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