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Bride + Groom session | Illinois Wedding Photographer – WOW! How lucky am I to have had the opportunity to photograph these two in such an unbelievably gorgeous location?! Rendell + Kaylee were kind enough to travel down to Southern Illinois for a special bride + groom session.

Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding day is one of the greatest, most memorable days of your lives. You’ve spent months, or even years, preparing for day to share with your family and friends in celebration of your lifelong commitment to one another. That being said, it can also one of the most stressful, hectic days of your lives. My brides + grooms typically give me an hour or so to photograph their portraits on their wedding day, and it’s plenty of time to get some really wonderful photos. Oftentimes, however, there may be inclement weather on your wedding day, or the location isn’t exactly what you imagined it would be. In any case, booking a post wedding Bride + Groom session in the location of your choice is the ULTIMATE way to get the dreamy, epic wedding photos that you see on Pinterest dream boards or in bridal magazines.

Kaylee, Rendell + I had so much fun collaborating on these together. I still have so many more portraits to edit, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few now 🙂 Isn’t her dress absolutely STUNNING?!! I love the dreamy feel of these, and there’s no way we could have made the 4.5 hour round trip (not counting actual photo time) on their actual wedding day. That’s what is so great about doing a session afterwards. Its during these where we can be creative and have some fun without the stress and pressure of making everyone else happy.

If you’re interested in booking your own Bride + Groom session, please contact me via the contact form or by emailing me at Sessions are 399-699 and can be scheduled now through 2021.


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