Two of My Favorite People | Chicago Proposal Photography

Chicago Proposal Photography – The weekend before Christmas, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph my brother’s proposal to his girlfriend. The premise was that we were going to do a quick photo shoot to give them some updated pictures to hang in their new apartment. So, the first images that you will see in this series is from the actual photo shoot. The two of them are from Chicago, and my brother and I were so excited about the idea of proposal photography!

After I wrapped things up with the first shoot, we headed back to our vehicles. On the way back, she found photographs of her and my brother from their various trips and adventures laying in the grass (big thanks to my husband for setting those out while we were ‘busy’). While my brother was spilling his heart out to her, my daughter ran the ring out to him for the big moment. And, she did say YES 🙂 I’m so excited to welcome this amazing, wonderful, sweet woman to our family. Big congrats to my brother and new sister!!

Of course, she said YES! I absolutely LOVED photographing their proposal session here in Southern Illinois. If you’d like me to photograph yours, whether it’s in southern or central Illinois (or a proposal in Chicago), email me at!



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