PREMIER WEDDING |Shannon + Bryce | Southern IL Wedding Photographer

Southern IL Wedding Photographer – When I first met Shannon several months ago, I was very impressed with not only how friendly she was, but how organized she was as well! In fact, she may have the best looking, most organized Pinterest board I’ve ever seen. Fast forward to Shannon + Bryce’s engagement session, and […]

Dreams + Vacations | Random Photography Thoughts in Central Illinois

I was on vacation in Jamaica at a gorgeous resort. As soon as I got there, I scoped out my hotel room and checked out the view. It was AMAZING…..and then I heard my alarm ::facepalm:: It was just a dream, but yet it felt so real! Instead of heading down to the pool bar […]

Thought for the day | Photography Ideas

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but I heard a statement today that really resonated with me. It was “I would rather fail at something I love, than succeed at something I hate”. How many of us are out here spending most of our days and lives doing something we hate? A lot of us, […]

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me | Southern Illinois Photographer

It’s always nice to work with someone that you know and can relate to, even if you’ve never actually met them. I mean, think about how many people you feel like you know, but have never actually met? I feel like I know Blake Shelton. He’s a pretty funny guy, who you should definitely follow […]